Alexa "pachiiharu" Bun


It all started when my parents gifted me my first plush, a pikachu. I didn’t know what it was then, but as I grew older with it, I loved it so much that I needed to know more. That opened me up to the world of video games, anime, and all things I love today. Growing up, I was mainly a big Nintendo fan (with some sprinkles of Sega), enjoying such games as Earthbound, The Legend of Zelda, Pokemon (Duh!), Jet Set Radio; etc. In my teenage years, I wanted to broaden my horizons, and began playing games from other companies.

Broadening my horizons

This introduced my newfound love for the Persona series. I will definitely not stop talking about them if brought up, so be warned. I’ve realized that I tend to adore games with incredible storytelling, and amazing characters that you can grow to love. Some other series I fell for include, Ace Attorney, Catherine, Parappa the Rapper, Overwatch, and much more. These have influenced me to be very open minded when it comes to playing new titles, and only made me appreciate video games even more.


I’d say I’m a very creative person, as I do many things, like art, youtube, voice acting, and even the occasional cosplay. To hear me professionally talk about games, you can go to my YouTube, or if you just want to see me gush and yell about them instead, as well as my silly doodles, feel free to check out my Twitter.

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