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For me, it all started with Super Mario 3 on the NES. At the time I was the youngest of 4 brothers and we would all huddle around the TV taking turns trying to make it through the various levels that were thrown at us. I’ll never forget the absolute electricity in the air when we finally defeated Bowser and saved the real princess Peach this time. It was a feeling like no other, and from that point on I was hooked.

More than just winning

Moving forward a few years and still a young kid, there would come a game that completely defined my appreciation and perspective for games forever; Metal Gear Solid. MGS showed me that games can be more than just winning, but that they could also offer cinematic story telling experiences, featuring characters with depth and complexity. Granted I was maybe 6-7 at the time of playing it and a lot of the more nuanced stuff went waaay over my tiny little head, but there was still plenty that I did understand and it stuck with me. Solid Snake was also way too badass for his own good.


Alongside gaming, I developed the hobby of video editing. It almost goes hand in hand with gaming. They both compliment each other greatly and it’s something I’ve been doing for about 10 years now. In recent years I delved head first into the Dark Souls franchise and have probably racked up more than 2 thousand hours across the series, so I decided one day to build a YouTube channel around these game. It’s a small and humble channel, but there are a handful of creations on it that touched the Souls community in meaningful ways and I am forever proud and grateful for that.

Nowadays I still play a lot of story driven games, but in the down time between those releases you can catch me playing games like Rainbow Six Siege, PUBG, Apex Legends or basically any shooter or Battle Royale. Feel free to checkout my YouTube and Twitter for Souls related videos and memes!

You can also see my work for Unleash The Gamer on our YouTube channel.



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